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CSLIPCompressed Serial Line Internet Protocol
CSLIPCompressed Serial Line Interface Protocol
CSLIPCenter for Short-Lived Phenomena
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Though IPRoute/Secure is compact, it still supports all of the current industry standards like RADIUS, Triple DES-CBC for VPNs, PPP, SLIP, CSLIP, SNMP, and Network Address Translation (NAT).
Other features include: BNC and AUI connectors, PPP, SLIP, CSLIP, RADIUS, RIP, SNMP MIB, proxyarp, class string, and Galacticomm BBS compatible.
IntelliServer's standard feature list includes full PPP, SLIP, CSLIP, RADIUS, RIP and proxyarp, which offers an ideal solution for sites that wish to implement cost-effective standalone remote access, Internet access, and LAN-to-LAN interconnectivity.