CSLMConfocal Scanning Laser Microscopy
CSLMCoarsening of Solid-Liquid Mixtures
CSLMCollege of Surveying and Land Management (Hungary)
CSLMCenter for Spanish Language Media (University of North Texas, Denton, TX)
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96 [micro]g/ml of AQs were observed by CSLM as described below.
Intact biofilms were examined by using a Fluoview FV1000 Espectral Olympus CSLM (Olympus Latin America, Miami, FL, USA) equipped with UPlanSApo 100X/1.
Mas for their excellent technical assistance in CSLM.
Biofilm Biomass Unit; CLSI, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute; CFU, Colony forming unit; CSLM.
These findings motivated us to introduce the SSLM, which achieves a more significant PAPR reduction compared with that of CSLM (as well as with those of all the aforementioned methods) and exhibits no BER degradation.
Mathematically, the CSLM operation can be expressed as
The advantages of our proposed technique in terms of significant reductions in PAPR as well as in the computational complexity and side information can be explained using these CSLM equations.
Penetration and layer thickness on Scots pine early-wood zones were measured using CSLM.
The researchers stained the biofilms for CSLM using SYTO 9 and propidium iodide.
Biofilms were grown on disks and examined by CSLM using Calcofluor-White, a UV-excitable dye that binds chitin and betaglucan, which has long been used to highlight fungal cell walls.
In order to determine if cellular stress was implied in the mechanism of action of 8PP, we used the fluorogenic stain DCFH-DA by CSLM to monitor the generation of intracellular ROS inside Candida biofilms after antifungal treatment.
catalase; CSLM, confocal scanning laser microscopy; CV, crystal violet; CLSI, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute; SOD, enzyme superoxide dismutase; FRAP, ferrous reduction antioxidant potency assay; FBS, fetal bovine serum; [H.