CSMGCSMG Technologies, Inc (not an acronym; formerly Consortium Service Management Group, Inc.; Texas)
CSMGCatholic Social Ministry Gathering
CSMGCambridge Strategic Management Group (Boston, MA and London, England, UK)
CSMGCorcoran Sunshine Marketing Group (real estate firm; New York, NY)
CSMGCreative Sales Marketing Group
CSMGCoeliac-Superior Mesenteric Ganglion
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In countries where state funding is in place to support deaf people to employ interpreters, the balance of demand versus supply is of concern as the number of requests per day for a qualified sign language interpreter often exceeds the number of certified interpreters available (CSMG, 2012).
In Europe, providers do not distinguish between VRS and VRI (CSMG, 2012; Haualand, 2012).
Following perfusion, the coeliac-superior mesenteric ganglion (CSMG) complexes were collected and post-fixed by immersion in the same fixative for 20 minutes, rinsed in phosphate buffer (pH 7.4) for three days, and then stored in a 30% buffered sucrose solution until sectioning.
14-[micro]m thick cryostat sections of the CSMG complexes were analyzed with an Olympus BX 51 fluorescent microscope (Olympus, Poland), equipped with a filter set suitable for observation of FB to localize and count neurons containing the tracer, and were then subjected to routine double-labelling immunofluorescence.
Unlike competing high-BTU landfill gas processing systems that require 4,000 to 6,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) to be economically viable during a soft gas market, CSMG's CO2 separation technology requires 1,750 to 2,000 cfm to be economically viable in a soft gas market.
Genotype EWL mg [dm.sup.-2] CSMG 84-1 1.02 ICGV 86031 1.14 JL 24 0.97 Chico 0.91 TAG 24 1.30 J 11 1.29 PBS 12067 1.12 PBS 12115 1.19 PBS 11049 1.74 PBS 20055 1.57 PBS 11023 1.58 CODE 9 1.38 Minimum 0.91 Maximum 1.74 Mean 1.27 CD (0.05) 0.21 CV (%) 13.1 Table 2.
Como covariable se incluyo el peso al inicio del ensayo y como variables independientes se evaluaron el PF, GDP, CSCA, CSF y CSMG y las diferencias significativas entre tratamiento se determinaron por el test "LSMeans" [18].
When Babcock International Group announced the rebranding of its Canadian subsidiary, CSMG (Canadian Submarine Management Group), to Babcock Canada in 2011, the company stated that its new name and image reflected its historical roots while emphasizing core competencies.
TMNG Global and its divisions, CSMG and Cartesian, and a team of more than 600 experts, provide strategy, operations and technology consulting services and technical solutions to more than 1200 communications clients worldwide.
Its companies, TMNG, CSMG, Cartesian and TWG Consulting, and its base of over 600 consultants, have provided strategy, management, and technical consulting, as well as products and services, to more than 1200 communications service providers, entertainment, media, and technology companies and financial services firms worldwide.
(Babcock first established a presence in Canada in 2007 when they set up the Canadian Submarine Management Group, or CSMG, as a joint venture with Weir Canada.)