CSMHBCation Supplemented Mueller-Hinton Broth
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For assays testing antimicrobial activity against bacterial strains, Cation Supplemented Mueller-Hinton Broth (CSMHB) was prepared by supplementing MHB (Difco) with [Mg.sup.2+] and [Ca.sup.2+] to final concentrations of 20 mg [L.sup.-1] and 10 mg [L.sup.-1] respectively.
Stock solutions of trypsin, pepsin, chymotrypsin (Sigma), and elastase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Elastin Products Company, Inc.) were serially diluted (1:2) in CSMHB to give final testing concentrations of protease in the wells ranging from 62.5 to 0.1 U [mL.sup.-1] for trypsin and pepsin, 40 to 1.25 U [mL.sup.-1] for chymotrypsin, and 2 to 0.01 U [mL.sup.-1] for elastase.