CSMPSCanadian Society for Marketing Professional Services
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A "Concurrence Committee," made up of officials of the two university systems and the state department of education, sets CSMP policy, and the office of the president of the University of California administers the projects.
The CSMP is a strategic framework document in the form of a road-map.
Similarly to other traditional migrant-receiving nations such as Australia, Canada, the UK and the United States, and a major novelty in the CSMP is the introduction of selective recruitment and facilitated settlement of migrants who are likely to have a positive net fiscal impact on the local economy, as well as to enhance its competitiveness.
Therefore, the CSMP declares that the number of foreign students at higher and secondary vocational educational institutions is to be increased.
This section has presented the principal elements of the CSMP concerning international economic migrants.
Because of this fact, this section, as part of the second research goal of this article, does not explore the experience of other immigrant-receiving countries separately for each single economic migrant group within the three CSMP policy trajectories that have been presented.
The emphasis of Russia's CSMP is on coherence and interconnectedness to other national goals.
Next, sub-sections 4.1.1, 4.1.2, and 4.1.3 discuss the potential for the application of these hybrid models in Russia's CSMP context, and formulate recommendations.
The CSMP contains as an explicit goal a points system to be applied with respect to foreign nationals wishing to obtain a permit for permanent residence and not as a mechanism for different migrant entrance routes in the way that is discussed by Papademetriou and Sumption (2011).
Foreign graduates of Russian universities, an explicit CSMP target, are likely to be fluent in the Russian language.
This last point is of particular importance for maintaining the reputation of the CSMP. It is vulnerable because of its fast and uncomplicated pathway for international investors to permanent residence.
According to the CSMP, an increased awareness of the potential for foreign graduates of Russian universities to be a source of skilled labor is a key new priority for targeted state interventions.