CSMVCommission Scolaire Marie-Victorin (Quebec, Canada)
CSMVChloris Striate Mosaic Virus (plant pathogenic virus)
CSMVCentro Social Morro Velho (Portuguese: Social Center Morro Velho; Brazil)
CSMVCommunity of St. Mary the Virgin (Anglican order)
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(41) ?ve?, bastantes fiestas hacian, por lo menos en una cuadra siempre se veian muchas paradas de nino, ahora ya no, ahora ya es distinto, pero tambien debe ser por la situacion que hay, que mas bien que ya dejo de se dejo de esas fiestas, sera, digo yo (CREA, Oral, CSMV, texto MDC4FA, Venezuela).
The supply flow rate of CSMV was 750 L/s (1596 CFM).
The temperature distribution at the center of the room (Figure 2) revealed that in the region away from the workstation (i.e., in the center of the chamber), the thermal environments were only affected by the operating condition of the ambient total volume ventilation system (i.e., UFAD or CSMV).
Croix not tested 0.5-CSMV ([dagger]) One leaf sampled from five random plants in each 3-m row; each 5-leaf sample was tested via DAC-ELISA for presence of BiCMV, CCMV, CMV, CSMV, and SBMV.
([double dagger]) A random 100-seed sample from each replication of each cowpea accession was planted in the greenhouse in Griffin and the seedlings were tested via DAC-ELISA at the third trifoliolate stage for BiCMV, CMV, CSMV, and SBMV.
Maintenance benefits of green spaces Valduc center and CSMV include - Maintenance of green spaces in the center of Valduc and CSMV (mowing, raking leaves, clearing, ...)- Maintaining the cleanliness of the sanded areas and roads,- Maintenance and management of massive landscaped site,- Additional services (maintenance of green roofs, maintenance of frontier fences, ...).