CSMWCoastal Sediment Management Workgroup (California)
CSMWCenter for Sutton Movement Writing (La Jolla, California)
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(16) The Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup ("CSMW") has been working to develop a master plan to provide coastal managers with information to improve management methods and to identify high priority areas for focusing efforts.
One current focus of Cota's and Hernandez's activities, assisted by a U.S.-side Committee to Support Maquiladora Workers, CSMW, that Kalmijn and Tong organized, is the Plasticos BajaCal plant in Tijuana, a subdivision of U.S.-based Carlisle Plastics, which manufactures coat hangers.
Review and analyze potential governance structure options to develop and implement the SFOC CRSMP, assess input obtained from Outreach activities conducted previously and as part of this Scope of Work, and provide recommendation(s) to CSMW in the form of a memo for inclusion within the Final SFOC CRSMP.