CSNPComplete Sequence Number PDU (Sprint)
CSNPComplete Sequence Number Packet
CSNPCenter for Special Needs Populations (Ohio State University)
cSNPCoding Region Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
CSNPcauseway section, nonpowered (US DoD)
CSNPCommon-Sense Nihilist Party
CSNPComcast SportsNet Philadelphia (also seen as CSN-P; cable TV network)
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The strategy of use and protection of the territory of Neringa Municipality established in the NMP actually corresponds with the principles of the new project for planning the boundaries and functional zones of the CSNP approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on November 5, 2008 (Kursi?
2007) and adopted by Neringa municipality Council in 2007 with agreement by CSNP direction.
2) recreational (preservation and development of the historically established health-resort functions of CS as part of cultural heritage and development of educational tourism infrastructure which is necessary for the CSNP,
No sooner than the first edition of NMP was submitted for public consideration, its leaders and authors were blindsided by an aggressive total assault on this planning document started in mass media and by an official letter of 09 06 2008 to the Minister of Environment and the then highest officials by the former director of CSNP.
Even the approved solutions transferred from the management plan of the CSNP organized by the SSPA into the new NMP organized by the Neringa Municipality became objects of assaults.
Strange as it is, the NMP authors are represented by the same professional plannersscientists who have prepared not only the new master plan but also its all previous general plans, programs of CS infrastructure development, substantiation of entering CS in the World Heritage List and the new strategic plan whereas the leaders of the NMP even are the authors of the greater part of the new CSNP boundaries and zones and solutions of management plans.
This makes the CSNP the first national park supplied with the necessary documentation for implementation of the European Landscape Convention in the country;
cSNPs represents only a small subset of the variation across the genome, but if common diseases arise from mechanisms similar to rare Mendelian diseases, this subset of SNPs should be tested.
cSNPs have numerous potential applications in predicting a patient's susceptibility to disease, in diagnosing disease, and in selecting treatment options for patients.
CuraGen has derived these cSNPs from over 300 individuals and 600 different sets of chromosomes, and have confirmed their discovery through DNA sequencing.
Approximately 10% of CuraGen's database contains cSNPs that directly change proteins, approximately 5% occur within drug response pathways, and more than 3% are located within drug targets.
The Company is now working closely with collaborators to associate specific cSNPs with disease genes, drug efficacy, and drug toxicity.