CSNTComplete Sciatic Nerve Transection
CSNTComputer Security and Network Technician
CSNTComputer Systems & Networking Technology
CSNTCiscoSecure NT
CSNTCarotid Sinus Nerve Transection
CSNTCommunications Server for Windows NT
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They successfully validated the effectiveness of the CSNT particles by observing them in-situ (meaning in their normal place) through the Environmental-Scanning Electron Microscope at Masdar Institute.
Zous team reported that the CSNT particles significantly increased the number of large water droplets capable of triggering rain by 290% compared to conventional cloud seeding materials.
Sahoo, "Design of a modified E-shaped dual band patch antenna for Ku band application," CSNT 2012, 49-52, Rajkot, India, 2012.