CSOACentro Social Okupado Autogestionado (Spanish: Self-Managed Squat)
CSOACloverleaf Standardbred Owners Association
CSOACambridge School of Art (UK)
CSOACommunity Services for Older Adults (New Zealand)
CSOAChristian Service Organizations of America (aka Christian Service Charities, Inc.)
CSOAcombined special operations area (US DoD)
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For not only do most of the CSOA regularly host gigs in a country which lacks a pub scene like our own; they have also on occasion spawned performers who have gone on to achieve a national following.
The very different situation in Milan may be explained in part by the particular weight in that city's CSOA of young self-employed people.
In the past seven years, as the CSOA movement has expanded in size and influence, the tensions within and between many social centres over questions of direction and emphasis have led to increased polemics in some quarters and a withdrawal into local activities in others.
The CSOA has occurred every four years, since the first airlift transported athletes to and from the 1987 Special Olympics in South Bend, Ind.
CSOA chairman said that the petroleum policy of 1994 ensures a difference between the prices of petrol and CNG and it cannot be withdrawn unless this policy is revoked.