CSOCCrossroads of Chaos (Yu-Gi-Oh card game)
CSOCCyber Security Operations Centre (Government Communications Headquarters; Cheltenham, UK)
CSOCCounty Sheriffs of Colorado
CSOCConsolidated Space Operations Contract
CSOCConfigurable System on Chip (microelectronics)
CSOCConsolidated Space Operations Center
CSOCCapital Stewardship Organizational Capability (Chevron)
CSOCComparative Sociology (University of Puget Sound)
CSOCCoast Station Operators Certificate (UK)
CSOCCustomer Service Operations Center
CSOCCivilian Support Orientation Course
CSOCConvolutional Self-Orthogonal Codes
CSOCConsolidated Security Operations Center
CSOCCombined Space Operations Contract
CSOCCommunications-Computer Systems Staff Officer Course
CSOCComputers Overclocked (website)
CSOCCoast Station Operators Course
CSOCCustomer Support Operation Center
CSOCCombat Support Operations Course
CSOCCritical Systems Operation Center
CSOCCedars-Sinai Ovarian Carcinomas
CSOCComptroller Staff Officer Course
CSOCCheirological Society of Great Britain (UK)
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The finance minister while talking to the Chinese delegation said, visit by the CSOC delegation to Pakistan would enhance and further strengthen their bilateral economic and defence cooperation.
The CSOC is voluntary and there are no fees for services, although they may coordinate with your insurance company.
The TCE CSOC support element works with other government agencies at the CSOC to provide COMISAF and CJ2 with an aggregate human terrain picture.
A Cabinet Office official revealed last week that CSOC primarily will have a defensive role, but could be used as a platform to launch cyberattacks.
As the incoming Soldiers of CJTF-76 rehearsed their mission during Lion Challenge 2005 and Unified Endeavor '05-2, the information warriors in the CSOC were making sure, from a live, virtual, and constructive perspective, that conditions matched the environment in Afghanistan.
5m Crew 180 168/152+ Propulsion 4DG + 2Pod 2D Speed (knots) 19 21/20 Range/knots 11,000/15 7,000/15 Amphib Force 450 400+ Dock capacity 2 EDA-R 3LCM * Amphibious craft 4CTMor2EDA-R 3 LCM/2-3 LCVP/1 LCPL Flight Deck dim 5,200msq --/-- Ski-jump No No Helo spots 6 4/2 Air Wing Max 6 deck 16 hangar 4/2+ deck V/STOLMax No No Hangar 1,800m2 Nodedicated Elevators 2 1 Hospital 69 beds 10/58 beds Main Dokdo LPH 20,000T LHD Characteristics Prime/Shipbuilder Hanjin Heavy Ind CSOC Customers RoK China Deliveries/Orders 1 -- Commission 2007 -- Displacement 18,860t 22,000t Length 199.
CSOC, CSTC (China Shipyard), ALIT (Aircraft Industry) and SASTIND will be key Industries which will be visited during this important tour.
A new version of the system was presented, capable of performing both - PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) alongside CSOC (Cyber Security Operation Center) for improved situation awareness and intuitive operation.
CSOC representative Xu Qui said that the first phase of the project will entail construction of a new jetty and other facilities for the repairing of ships up to 5 000 dead-weight tons (dwt).
He appreciated the efforts put in by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSOC) and Pakistan Navy team in realizing the construction of the ship in a short time which is yet another manifestation of the understanding and lasting relations between Pakistan Navy and CSOC.
Full uClinux development environment for SmartFusion cSoCs and SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs
Digi-Key is pleased to offer Microsemi's comprehensive portfolio of cSoCs and FPGA solutions to our global customer base," said Mark Zack, vice president of semiconductors, Digi-Key Corporation.