CSOHCanadian Society of Homeopaths (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CSOHCalvary Schools of Holland (Michigan)
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115) In a final effort to stop the hospital closure, NYLPI filed a lawsuit on behalf of CSOH member, Harriet McCloud.
For example, after the State Department of Health approved the closure of five centers in the Women, Infants and Children Program ("WIC"), (130) CSOH was able to save three of these centers by mobilizing the community and pressuring their local elected officials.
As with CSOH, NYLPI represented SQUISH in a multi-pronged approach to save the hospital from closure.
The stories of CSOH, SQUISH, Mary McKinney, Mechler Hall Senior Center, and CRSB demonstrate that community input in health care decisionmaking is not merely an abstract ideal of the democratic process, but a palpable need in the current health care system.