CSOICanadian Stars on Ice
CSOICivil Services Officers' Institute (New Delhi, India)
CSOIConsolidated Segment Operating Income
CSOICritical Signal of Interest (specific electronic signal such as radar)
CSOICentral Station Operator Instructor (certification; Security Industry Association)
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The CSOI, in partnership with the Center for Business Models in Healthcare, began by assembling 35 Chicago-area institutions, including cancer treatment centers, support centers and hospice providers, and asking them to identify areas of greatest need in supportive cancer care.
NorthShore University Health Systems was also selected by the CSOI to manage design teams that would develop best practices for palliative care and hospice referral.
org to learn more about the CSOI and The Coleman Foundation.
There is another controversy related to the CSOI building.
Using CSOI, Groupon's results for 2010 show a net loss of USD181m (EUR127m), compared with USD60.
By adjusting its GAAP-based operating loss of $117 million in the first quarter of 2011, Groupon reported a positive Adjusted CSOI of $82 million.
Thus, from the SEC's perspective, a non-GAAP financial measure such as Adjusted CSOI has significant potential to mislead investors.