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CSOMCarlson School of Management (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
CSOMCenter for Sex Offender Management
CSOMChronic Suppurative Otitis Media (middle ear and mastoid cavity inflammation)
CSOMChronic Serous Otitis Media (middle ear infection)
CSOMComputer System Operator's Manual
CSOMComputer Software Operator's Manual
CSOMComputer Security Operations Manager
CSOMComputer Systems: Operation and Management (University College of the Cariboo)
CSOMCustomer Service Operations Manager
CSOMComputer Software Operation Manual
CSOMComputer System Operations Manager
CSOMChristchurch School of Medicine (New Zealand)
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Both the CODI and the CSOM were reported as being useful tools in the assessment of functional outcomes in small animals, but further evidence is required to identify the validity, reliability, and sensitivity of these measures.
Lastly Vicenzino & Hing have also discussed the use of a comparable sign to determine treatment effectiveness, which is also known as a CSOM, also found in Table 4 (Hing, 2007).
5] In a community where CSOM prevalence is low, the disease will generally resolve without treatment or complications.
Patients with CSOM may consult a doctor with one of the following: (2)
These factors included CSOM, meningitis, febrile convulsion, measles, and trauma secondary to the removal of wax impaction or foreign bodies.
CSOM and CBPI subscales (pain severity[PS] and pain interference[PI]) were evaluated within and between groups.
Risk factors that contribute to high rates of CSOM include prolonged breastfeeding, poor hygiene, and exposure to tobacco, wood and charcoal smoke.
The purpose of this study is to assess dysgeusia in patients who have undergone middle ear surgery for CSOM (with or without cholesteatoma) when the surgeon's practice is to cleanly divide the nerve without prior manipulation if it in any way hinders the aims of surgery.
In our study, the most common otological manifestation was CSOM followed by OME, SNHL and vestibular symptoms.
However, more cases of CSF otorrhea along with brain herniation have been reported after a surgical intervention was performed to treat CSOM or its complications.
Additional Contacts: Tom Groome, director of religious education and pastoral ministry, 617-552-8449 Jen Bader, associate director for academic affairs, IREPM, 617-552-8440 Andrew Boynton, dean of the Carroll School of Management, 617-552-4107 Jeffrey Rinquest, associate dean for graduate programs, CSOM, 617-552-0461.