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CSOMACalifornia State Oriental Medical Association
CSOMACentral States Occupational Medicine Association (Elgin, IL)
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Baltas E, Csoma Z, Bodai L, Ignacz F, Dobozy A, Kemeny L: Treatment of atopic dermatitis with the xenon chloride excimer laser.
This reprint of the proceedings of the third meeting of the Csoma de Koros Symposium, held at Velm, Austria, in September of 1981, consists of forty-eight papers by invited participants, including five by Tibetans.
These two volumes also establish the status of English as the lingua franca of Tibetology - part of the legacy of Csoma himself.
In Tibetan and Buddhist Studies Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Csoma de Koros, ed.
Vogel knew this passage, but, presumably, only from the truncated summary in Csoma or Feer.