CSOSACourt Services and Offender Supervision Agency
CSOSACommercial Space Operations Support Agreement
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Information is electronically shared with all personnel within CSOSA and allied agencies.
CSOSA has established a research and evaluation unit that tracks information collected by the agency through the SMART system.
CSOSA does far more than just monitor offenders under its supervision.
He assures the offender that CSOSA has people dedicated to his success.
Fenwick has been with CSOSA for a little less than three years.
CSOSA can only fund treatment for high-risk drug offenders, which means those at the middle or bottom of the spectrum must take advantage of in-house drug education or services provided by the district's government or charitable providers.
CSOSA launched SMART, a fully Web-based application, in late January 2002.
During system development, CSOSA staff and consultants worked to build an information system that could follow an offender's progress throughout supervision.
Provide automatic notification of events in support of CSOSA policies and procedures;
Quander, the CSOSA director, points to the system's ability to inform policy.
Soon after initial implementation, CSOSA began examining ways in which SMART could be used to track individual employee performance.