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CSPBCredit Suisse Private Banking (Zürich, Switzerland)
CSPBCrux Sancti Patris Benedicti (Latin: Cross of Our Holy Father Benedict)
CSPBCommunity Safety Programme Board (UK)
CSPBChina State Post Bureau
CSPBCommunity Safety and Partnerships Branch (Public Safety Canada)
CSPBComputer Society Press Board (IEEE Computer Society)
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The implementation of decisions of the CSPB is the prerogative of the relevant operational officials.
Les trois cohortes de stagiaires en MR Cohortes Nombre de Nombre de Commission Nombre stagiaires stagiaires et scolaire d'ecoles annee de stage 2008-2009 12 11 en stage 2 CSLSJ (3) 5 1 en stage 4 CSLSJ 1 2009-2010 9 9 en stage 4 CSLSJ 5 2010-2011 14 6 en stage 4 CSLSJ 5 1 en stage 4 CSPB (4) 1 4 en stage 4 CSRS (5) 3 3 en stage 4 CSDJ (6) 3 Tableau 2.
Section 75(8) depends entirely on the discretion of the Minister of Correctional Services or the Commissioner of Correctional Services to decide whether to refer the matter to the CSPB or not.