CSPCACalifornia School Personnel Commissioners Association (Irvine, CA)
CSPCACork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (est. 1870; Mahon, Cork, Ireland)
CSPCACanadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
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She added that the CSPCA has already submitted suggestions that do not require funds, but could bring in thousands of euros to the state coffers each month.
The CSPCA said in another announcement that they are not bound by announcements and statements by the Animal Party, which announced on Thursday that it would back President Nicos Anastasiades in the upcoming elections.
Each member has their own personal ethics and opinions," the CSPCA said.
The post CSPCA says animal welfare services in disarray appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
When the CSPCA discovered the deal they approached university officials to check the kennels were adequate for the dogs.
The CSPCA is also angry that a qualified vet is not in charge of the dogs' daily welfare, as required by EU law.
Stray dogs are victims of irresponsible compatriots of ours who avoid putting microchips on their dogs so that they can abandon them when they are sick of them or when they want to get a different breed," the CSPCA said.
She added that the CSPCA calculated the number of dogs living in homes, the numbers of telephone calls they receive daily for strays, and data they have gathered from communities.
The deputy head of the state veterinary services Christodoulos Pipis, told the Cyprus News Agency that his department was in no position to confirm whether the number the CSPCA came up with was accurate, as the management of stray dogs was the responsibility of local authorities.
The CSPCA called on pet owners to care for their animals with love and responsibility.
We are also calling on the state services in charge of protecting and ensuring animals' welfare to take all the necessary measures provided in the relevant laws to ensure all forms of cruelty and irresponsibility towards animals are combated," the CSPCA concluded.