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CSPEContribution au Service Public de l'Electricité (French: Public Electricity Service Contribution)
CSPECivic, Social and Political Education (Ireland)
CSPEChlorosulfonated Polyethylene
CSPECalifornia Society of Professional Engineers
CSPECommunications System Planning Element
CSPEClient/Server Processing Environment
CSPECertified Software Process Engineer (QAI Global Institute)
CSPECommon Systems Planning and Engineering
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However, Chicano said that upon checking, Pableo's name was not on the official list of CSPE passers for 2003.
As a benefit of membership, NASP members have free access to CSPE, which was designed to provide specialty pharmacists with clinical and management education to improve patient care and help prepare for the CPE exam.
Sand, "Phenotypic characterization of overexpression or deletion of the Escherichia coli crcA, cspE and crcB genes," Microbiology, vol.
In the same way, fractions (CSPE1 to CSPE7) obtained from the most active partition (CSPE) and purified compounds were tested at two fixed concentrations of 5 and 20 [micro]g/ml.
The commissioner is said to be targeting in particular the fact that German consumers are paying for the development of renewable energy via a tax surcharge comparable to the French contribution for the electricity public service (CSPE).
The SEC also messed up on the CSPE Junior Cert exam paper by presenting outdated information about the role of the referendum commission.
The new nozzle, combined with additional weight over the contact roller, ensures high-quality, uniform welds across roof sheeting made from TPO / FPO, PVC, ECB, EPDM and CSPE.
Chlorinated polyethylene rubber (CM) can provide performance and cost advantages over other elastomeric systems, such as CR, NBR, chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) etc.
The project also involved students enrolled in courses in the Education Department of UCC during the period, particularly student teachers on the Higher Diploma course in Education; teachers on the inservice Higher Diploma course in Curriculum Studies (CSPE); and teachers taking certain modules of the Masters in Education course.
* insulation ash is halogen poisoned (silicone insulation paired with halogen containing jackets like PVC, CPE or CSPE (Hypalon)) halogen poisoning makes the silicone conductive;