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CSPGCenter for the Study of Political Graphics (Los Angeles, CA)
CSPGCertified Specialist in Planned Giving (American Institute for Philanthropic Studies)
CSPGCanadian Study of Parliament Group
CSPGChondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycans
CSPGCanadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
CSPGCenter for the Study of Politics and Governance (Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs; University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN)
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In the second panel, moderated by Kelly Blidook, an associate professor of political science from Memorial University and CSPG board member, Christopher Kam, an associate professor of political science from the University of British Columbia, presented on the "Political Economy of Parliamentary Time.
CSPGs alter the extracellular matrix, arrest axon regeneration and reconstruction, and inhibit recovery of neural function.
The ability of plasma samples to inhibit infected erythrocyte binding to CSPG was higher for multigravidae than for primigravidae at inclusion (p<0.
CSPG supports the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) through fundraising.
Based on the structures and functions of different CSPG molecules, we have developed several highly active and selective peptides for CSPG inhibitors.
Neurons synthesize and transport MMPs to their growth cones, where they are released and inactivate CSPG (49, 91, 159, 176, 184, 185).
Adherencia de los epitelios medios para formar una lamina epitelial con desmosomas y CSPG.
Any work sent c/o Mother Jones will be gratefully put to use, with all duplicates going to the CSPG.
In fact, inhibiting the formation of CSPG at the early stages of spinal cord injury actually harms the recovery process.
Some of the CSPG panelists from the conference joined us for a roundtable on parliamentary reform.
Alberta has the largest group of geoscientists, as testified by CSPG, CSEG and CWLS memberships and by its large number of geoscience professional registrants.
Although some strategies have been reported to weaken CSPG inhibitions, digestion of CSPGs with bacterial enzyme chondroitinase ABC is still the major approach to overcome growth inhibition of astroglial scars in vivo.