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CSPMCalifornia School of Podiatric Medicine (Samuel Merritt University)
CSPMCloud Security Posture Management (software)
CSPMCertified Security Project Manager (Security Industry Association)
CSPMCisco Secure Policy Manager
CSPMCertified Senior Project Manager (American Society for the Advancement of Project Management)
CSPMColorado Springs Pioneers Museum (Colorado Springs, Co, USA)
CSPMConflict Sensitive Program Management (various organizations)
CSPMComplete System Performance Monitor (software)
CSPMCloakware Server Password Manager (software)
CSPMChild Support Program Manager (various locations)
CSPMComputer Security Program Manager (US Department of Homeland Security)
CSPMCommunications Support Processor for the Millennium
CSPMCommunications Security Publication Memorandum
CSPMCommunications System Performance Model
CSPMCaribbean Sheep Production and Marketing
CSPMCertification in Strategic Performance Management (Mentor Plus)
CSPMChief Solution Provider Mom
CSPMCustomer Satisfaction and Performance Management
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The CSPM's Macro-Script proposes four linear stages: (1) Motivation and domain definition, (2) Search term selection, (3) Search and construction -made up of the sub-stages of personal search, personal build, personal discover and describe, and group build- and (4) Group discover and describe.
CSPM was set up by CSC (China Steel Corp.) and Walsin Lihwa Corp.
(1) There was such large commitment on the part of the English to the expulsion project that the Moriscos felt betrayed, as the Venetian ambassador in France confirmed in October 1609: "Some Moors had ventured to confer with the English on the strength of their being protestants and they now complain that the English have broken their faith" (CSPM ...
Caroline C Boudreaux, CPA, CSPM, is a partner of Boudreaux, Henderson & Co.
The Certified Security Project Manager (CSPM) is a customized program developed to deliver valuable advantages to project manager on both the client (corporate security) and the service (consultant/integrator) sides of the business.
Both GYI and cultivar superiority performance measure (CSPM) methods of analyses were used for the data.
Specifically designed to support the SAFE security blueprint for Cisco AVVID -- the Cisco Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data, Cisco VMS 2.0 includes Cisco Secure Policy Manager (CSPM), Cisco VPN Monitor, Cisco IDS Host Sensor and Cisco Resource Manager Essentials (RME).
(34.) Uiterwaal CSPM, Grobbee DE, Witteman JCM, van Stiphout W-AHJ, Krauss XH, Havekes LM, et al.
The surface morphology of [V.sub.2][O.sub.5] interlayer was analyzed by atomic force microscope (AFM, CSPM 5500), and the transmission spectra of the [V.sub.2][O.sub.5] interlayer were measured by UV-Vis spectrophotometer (UV-2550).
The surface nanostructures were examined by a CSPM 4000 atomic force microscope (ATM) provided by Benyuan Co., Ltd.