CSPRConsolidated State Performance Report
CSPRCivil Society for Poverty Reduction (Zambia)
CSPRCommittee on Scientific Planning and Review
CSPRClosely Spaced Parallel Runways
CSPRCentre for Climate Science and Policy Research (Linköping University, Sweden)
CSPRCustomer Service Project Review (US NASA)
CSPRCertified Stormwater Plan Reviewer
CSPRControl System for Proposed Rules (Colorado)
CSPRCombat Systems Readiness Review
CSPRContractor System Purchasing Review
CSPRCancer Services & Policy Research Unit (Canada)
CSPRCommunity Social Peace and Recovery Model (Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development)
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308, planes arriving on two such CSPRs were required to be spaced as if they were using a single runway, which effectively closed down one of the parallel runways under instrument conditions.
There is, however, an involution in the spirit of Assaf-McNamara that proves CSPR.
5 nautical miles to the leading large aircraft when landing on CSPRs with less than 2,500 ft separation.
WindTracer has an established record of wake vortex data collection and will assist EUROCONTROL's support of CDG CSPR improvements as well as benefiting other major European airports in the future," said Andrew Harvey, wake vortex project manager of EUROCONTROL.
com, of CSPR for National Geographic Channel; National & Local Radio: Clare Hertel, +1-845-340-0731, CHertel@aol.
com, all of National Geographic Channel; National Broadcast: Cathy Saypol, CSPR, +1-212-288-8496, Saypolpr@aol.
com, all of National Geographic Channel; National Broadcast: Cathy Saypol of CSPR, +1-212-288-8496, Saypolpr@aol.