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The ANOVA of PC 1 scores showed the same differences among plots (P< 0.005) as the CSQI B.
In the CSQI A, the inclusion of microbiological variables in the SQI did not increase its sensitivity to differentiate among the studied situations compared with the SSQI A.
For intensive horticultural production systems, the CSQI B, constructed by the introduction of variables in groups according to their classification into physical, chemical or biological, and considering microbiological variables, was the best to differentiate among situations differing by management system and years under production.
The CSQI A was integrated by the same indicators as SSQI A.
Correlation coefficients of soil quality indices with varimax rotated scores of PC 1 obtained from all significant data were 0.97 (for SSQI A and CSQI A), 0.98 (for SSQI B, CSQI B, and MSQI 1), and 0.99 (for MSQI 2).
Soil properties and indexing procedures SQI, Soil quality index; A, All properties are considered together in the principal components analysis (PCA); B, groups of properties considered separately in the PCA; Biological properties: biochemical soil properties and microbiological soil properties; Resp, Basal soil respiration; MBC, microbial biomass carbon; E, functional evenness Quality index Properties Procedure Simple SQI A Physical A (SSQI A) Chemical Biochemical Simple SQI B Physical B (SSQI B) Chemical Biochemical Complex SQI A Physical A (CSQI A) Chemical Biological Complex SQI B Physical B (CSQI B) Chemical Biological Microbiological SQI I Biological B (MSQI 1) Microbiological SQI 2 MBC Expert variables (MSQI 2) Resp selection E Table 2.