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Accordingly the aim of this study is to compare the Wood and cubic spline regression model in two knots (CSR1 and CSR2)used in modeling of lactation curvesand to find the best model that provided a good description of the first lactation for Jersey herds.
Methods: The first lactation measurements are analyzed by two methods (Wood and cubic spline regression model in two knots: CSR1 and CSR2) for description of the lactation curve using SAS statistical package program.Here the methods used for estimation parametersand comparison criteriain this studycould be introduced as follows.
For this aim the applicability of cubic spline regression in two knots (CSR1 and CSR2) was investigated for modeling of individual first lactation curves of Jersey cattle herd and to compare with Wood model.
The mean square error coefficient of determination adjusted coefficient of determination and DW autocorrelation values with standard errors for cubic spline regression (CSR1 and CSR2) and Wood models were given in Table 1.
Code [[[gamma].sub.s].sup.D](mJ/[m.sup.2](a) UP 11.23 CSR1 10.40 CSR2 10.43 CSR3 12.18 CSR4 13.01 CSR5 13.51 Code [[[gamma].sub.s].sup.p](mJ/[m.sup.2] [[gamma].sub.s] (b) (mJ/[m.sup.2]) UP 22.06 33.29 CSR1 22.32 32.72 CSR2 21.59 33.02 CSR3 21.07 34.25 CSR4 24.83 37.84 CSR5 25.47 38.98 Code [[gamma].sub.up-cs] (mJ/[m.sup.2]) (b) UP -- CSR1 0.018 CSR2 0.018 CSR3 0.020 CSR4 0.147 CSR5 0.225 (a) [[[gamma].sub.s].sup.P] and [[[gamma].sub.s].sup.D] are the polar and dispersive components of surface-free energy ([[gamma].sub.s]) of the neat UP resin or CSR material, respectively.
More uniform particles dispersion as singlet with a longer interparticle distance were observed for the blend samples containing 5 wt% CSR1 and CSR2 particles (Fig.
More data sets (SYS2, CSR1, CSR2) cited from Lyu[9] are used for comparing the long-term predictability of two models.
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