CSRBCritical Skills Retention Bonus
CSRBCentral Statistics and Research Branch
CSRBColorado Search and Rescue Board
CSRBClock Select Register B
CSRBCommunications-Computer Systems Requirements Board
CSRBComputer Systems Requirement Board
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Additional CSRB information can be found in Military Personnel message 07-237, available online at https://www.
Officers commissioned into the Army Nurse Corps or Medical Service Corps are eligible for the CSRB.
Increase the MI WO MOS 351M CSRB to $150K to match the senior enlisted bonus.
The CSRB and other incentives are just part of the Army's efforts at eliminating the officer shortage, Aswell said.
Based in Taiwan, CSRB is largely owned by the Koo Group, a global financial empire of banks, hotels, and other investments.
Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca, asked that both CSRB and Accessions bonuses be established to help mitigate the shortages in MI WO numbers.