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CSRCChina Securities Regulatory Commission
CSRCComputer Security Resource Center (NIST)
CSRCComputer Security Resource Clearinghouse
CSRCContributing Source (telephony, real-time control protocol)
CSRCChicano Studies Research Center (UCLA)
CSRCCreation-Science Research Center
CSRCCharter School Resource Center
CSRCCanadian Survey Research Council
CSRCCommon Sense RC
CSRCContext Switching Reconfigurable Computing
CSRCComputing Sciences Research Center
CSRCLocal coastal SAR committee
CSRCCharles Salt Research Center
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The CSRC may not have the authority to force Jia back to China, but it is a sign of increased efforts to protect investors in the country's fledgling stock market.
The CSRC on December 15, 2017 issued a statement which said it had imposed a fine of 600,000 yuan to Yabaite and Lu Yong, the owner of Yabaite had also been fined 300,000 yuan.
CSRC Next is to concentrate on the challenges and opportunities of autonomous and connected vehicle technologies over the next decade.
practice to demonstrate its adherence to the CSRC Report.
Wanli further advised the company that it would resubmit updated application materials to the CSRC in due course.
Other market sources told CNBC the CSRC was not entirely to blame for the turmoil on China's markets, saying other agencies had made missteps and the Beijing leadership backed measures imposed by the agency.
Moreover, markets have been jittery after sources said the CSRC regulator was urging brokerages to cease financing clients' stocks purchases through swaps and other over-the-counter contracts, a move aimed a curbing leveraged trading.
According to a list of vacancies published for the coming 2016 national civil servants exam, 43 spots are offered by the CSRC, up from from 12 in 2015.
The CSRC is reviewing new IPO applications from 549 companies with a combined subscription in the value of 373.
The Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges had put limits on 24 accounts for influencing stock prices and investors' decisions, the CSRC statement added, without naming the account holders or detailing the restrictions.
Granting of this license reportedly makes BNPP IP one of the first players in both France and the Eurozone to be given this license by the CSRC.
3 percent, encouraged by comments from the CSRC spokesman who said the regulator would continue to support the innovative business development of brokerages.