CSRDCComputer Science Research & Development Council
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National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Development of Ministry of Education, CSRDC, Educational Science Research Institute of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Charity Federation, China Resources SZITIC Trust Co.
With the guidance of China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center of Ministry of Education, and support from Qianhai Shenzhen[FTA] Administration, the Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education, CSRDC, and Shenzhen Charity Federation jointly launched " The International Contest of Chinese Social Finance Products on Education ".
As one of the key driving forces for China's social impact investment and social finance, CSRDC used Muhammad Yunus's microfinance bank model and American community bank service models to work with Construction Bank of China (Shenzhen) to launch the "Rong Yitong" program in 2013.
Yudong Liang, deputy director of CEICF executive committee and president of CSRDC, expressed that the CEICF will be unlike typical education fairs because CEICF will focus on practicing the concept of charity and developing education innovation programs that can integrate with charitable donations.
The training, to take place in 2015, will be jointly carried out by CSRDC and Columbia Business School.
Since 2012, CSRDC has been running a program entitled "Social Enterprise Growth Plan for Chinese Entrepreneurs".
Driven by social impact investments being carried out by Chinese firms, China's education authority Beijing Normal University and CSRDC will jointly host the upcoming expo during which achievements in innovations in education will be identified, innovative teaching models will be put into practice and individuals with the right kind of expertise will be recruited.
Director of CSRDC Liang Yudong said the "EasyLoan" model will provide Shenzhen's social organizations with financial services such as liquidity loans as well as support the city's social service organizations.
program director in SRI's Computer Science Laboratory and SRI's project director for its support of DHS's CSRDC.