CSRIConcrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (trade association)
CSRICollege Sport Research Institute (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
CSRICognitive Systems Research Institute (Athens, Greece)
CSRICoordinated Spam Reduction Initiative (Microsoft)
CSRIComputer Systems Research Institute (University of Toronto)
CSRICenter for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement (Washington, DC)
CSRIClinical Sciences Research Institute (Warwick University, UK)
CSRICorporate Social Responsibility Institute (Bangkok, Thailand)
CSRIColumbia Summer Research Institute (Columbia University Medical Center; New York, NY)
CSRIComputer Systems Resource, Inc. (West Chester, PA)
CSRICellules Secrètes Révolutionnaires Internationales
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CSRI is a natural resources company focusing on the identification and development of opportunities in the unconventional gas sector of the energy industry.
CSRI looked at these companies' performance over 10 years compared to the financial and share price performance of a control group consisting of more than 7,000 non-family owned companies globally.
Even the CSRI has recently focused more on taking a new direction on GDP, publishing a report in May that questioned the assumption that GDP adequately reflects the state of the respective society.
As the latest edition of the CSRI Global Wealth Report shows, total global wealth in 2016 edged upwards by $3.5 trillion to a total of $256 trillion (or 1.4 per cent), a rise very much in line with the increase in the world's adult population.
De los programas presentados, los que reportaron efectos mas positivos sobre la planificacion fueron el SRSD, el PE y PEI (ademas de ser efectivo para monitoreo y revision); los otros tres modelos (CSRI, CAT y SMC) tuvieron mayor efectividad en los procesos de monitoreo-control y revision (Fidalgo & Garcia, 2008; Fidalgo et al., 2009; Paquette, 2001).
CSRI generated revenue of approximately USD 1.2m and Adjusted EBITDA of approximately USD 0.2m for the year ended December 31, 2014.
The Client Service Receipt Inventory [26] (CSRI) was used to collect data on the use of health (primary and secondary care) and social care by participants in the six months prior to interview.
At the first step, the main effects of sexual resourcefulness (CSRI) and endorsement of traditional gender norms (CDSS) and relationship satisfaction (CMRQ) were entered simultaneously and showed that with the exception of gender norms, sexual resourcefulness and relationship satisfaction accounted for 12% and 8% of the unique variance in consenting to unwanted sexual activities, respectively.
(61) Many workshops and reports on non-judicial grievance mechanisms convened by Ruggie and by the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSRI) at Harvard University in support of Ruggie's work informed the discussion of non-judicial grievance mechanisms in the Guiding Principles (62) Ruggie has actively promoted these voluntary mechanisms in appearances and presentations, both during and following his mandate as Special Representative to the Secretary General.
First, the implementation of spiritually-oriented assessments allows for the identification of clients with a clinically significant religious impairment (CSRI).
The isolation of the nucleic acids from faeces was performed with using of test-kits "Ribo-sorb" and "DNA-sorb B' (CSRI of epidemiology, Moscow) with the method of affine sorption of nucleic acids on the silicate gel.
Specifically, SiriusXM Canada shareholders CSRI and Slaight Communications