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The CSRL is a research and device prototyping facility.
o(Poland) Foster Farms (USA) Foyle Food Group (Ireland) Frank Delmote (Belgium) Franka Fleischwaren GmbH (Germany) Fresh Mark, Inc(USA) Furlotti & CSRL (Italy) GalusImpex JSCo (Bulgaria) Gastronome (France) Gerber Poultry, Inc(USA) Giex Foods Pvt.
The CSRL partnership serves 800 households with 7500 people, In 2005, only 9 percent of the people had food security (two meals per day).
High-level tools based on this concept, such as CSRL (5), DSPL (2), MUM (16), and MOLE (13), illustrate how this approach facilitates knowledge modeling, knowledge acquisition, explanation, and learning.