CSRRChristian Science Reading Room (various locations)
CSRRCommon Submarine Radio Room
CSRRConway Scenic Railroad (North Conway, NH)
CSRRComputer Software Rating Regulation (Taiwan)
CSRRCritical Save/Restore Register (computing)
CSRRCombat Systems Readiness Review (JOTS II User's Guide)
CSRRComplementary Split-Ring Resonator
CSRRCorporate Social Responsibility Research
CSRRComponent Software Requirements Review
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In the first model, CSRR and CSRT were taken as independent variables and OC was taken as dependent variable without any mediator.
In fact, the resonance frequency of either SRR or CSRR inclusions can be estimated analytically using quasi-static electromagnetic theory [6] or alternatively numerically using full-wave characterization methods.
Yang, "UWB antenna with dual band rejection for WLAN/WiMAX bands using CSRRs," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol.
Smola led the CSRR program through numerous developmental test events on three individual variants, leading to successful operational evaluation on three separate submarine classes.
The surface current of the triangle CSRR loaded QMSIW has to detour around the CSRR, which stretches the effective current path.
5 GHz respectively, are obtained by the change of inner inductances and capacitances of the CSRR, which is implemented by using zero ohmic resistance as a connection switch in practical application.
In order to characterise the initial CSRR dimensions, we employ expressions given in [9, 14]].
This CSRR covers all aspects and indicators that reflect Befesa s significant social, environmental and economic effects or those that may have a substantial influence on stakeholders evaluations and decisions.
Section 2 presents the proposed antenna design structure integrated with CSRR.
A model of a single CSRR underneath a microstrip line and the resultant 5-parameter are shown in Figure 7.
Jiao, "Design of novel dual-band bandpass filter with microstrip meanderloop resonator and CSRR DGS," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.