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CSS1Cascading Style Sheets Level 1
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P.warning { color: red; background: white; } CSS1 supports screen-based formatting, including fonts, colors, and layout (see Figure 5).
As regards the arithmetic mean for the parameter HR before exercise, the athletes from FC Dinamo Club have recorded a value of 83.1 bpm, and the athletes from CSS1, a value of 80.7 bpm; the achieved values fall within the real steady-state effort, excepting four athletes who have values comprised between 105 and 130 bpm; this increased basal HR can be attributed to emotionality (figure 3).
For the parameter Maximal HR recorded during the game, the athletes from FC Dinamo have recorded an average maximal HR of 193.5 bpm, while the athletes from CSS1 have recorded a value of 202.7 bpm; it can be concluded that the achieved values fall within the maximal higher aerobiosis effort (relative steady state/stamina/ ergostasis) (figure 4).
Part II consists of three chapters that summarize information about CSS1 and CSS2.
Meyer clarifies the differences between the two levels of CSS, CSS1 and CSS2, while explaining that this guide ad dresses the aspects of CSS1 and CSS2 that are supported by the majority of Web browsers.
The players are part of the club's basketball CSS1 Constanta.
Frank Boumphrey, in Professional style sheets for HTML and XML, examines the ways that CSS2 and its predecessor, CSS1, can help you achieve these claims with the two major browsers - Netscape's Navigator 4.0 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0.