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CSS3Cascading Style Sheets Level 3
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HTML5 and CSS3 are what are used to enhance a web site with videos, forms, embedded fonts, background gradients, rounded corners, transitions, animation, and more.
CSS3. Along with HTMLS, cascading style sheets (CSS) continue to play an increasingly important role in web development.
These new supported standards in IE10 include many of the latest HTML5, CSS3, DOM, Web Performance, and Web Application specifications.
It has a rating of PG13, uses HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and can be played in both English and Persian languages.
Using the system, developers can write, test, and package automotive apps based on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other open standards.
With the Marmalade SDK, developers can build and distribute cross-platform applications quickly and easily, creating mobile apps in C/C++, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and deploy them simultaneously as native apps to platforms such as Android and a host of other mobile and smart TV devices.
By combining three core elements that are already standard tools for web design and development - a flexible grid-based layout, flexible images and media, and CSS3 Media Queries - websites can now respond (or adapt) to the resolution of whatever screen is used to view them.
It enables users to add motion to existing HTML documents, as well as allowing them to create visually rich content using familiar drawing tools that produce HTML elements styled with CSS3.
"By using the latest Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 we were able to build a site that was fully accessible.
In addition to improved hardware acccelration, IE10 will have support for CSS3 Gradients and Flexible Box Layout.
IE 9 also includes extensive built-in support for various industry standards including HTML5, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), CSS3 and other modern Web standards, he added.