CSSAMOCombat Service Support Automation Management Office
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This concept of decentralized operations required CSSAMO to support multiple logistics automation systems at various locations.
Get the STAMIS Gunnery inspection done by the gaining CSSAMO.
These challenges included the management of communication assets as the NetOps, Signal company, and CSSAMO sections took orders from various bosses.
This was achieved by using CAISIs providing a wireless local area network connection to either the S6 NIPR network or a CSSAMO supported CSS VSAT.
The sustainment commander and his staff must ensure that the CSSAMO munitions sergeant is trained and has the resources needed to perform his SAASMOD support duties.
Without the technically and tactically proficient Soldiers I was privileged to serve with in the 16th CSG CSSAMO, none of these results would have been possible.
Cain said CSS VSAT/ CAISI gives the CSSAMO staff the capability of "more real-time reaction," such as allowing them to remotely correct ghost record deficiencies, while CWO1 Dextin Cobbs said, "with CAISI, you hit a button and (she snapped her fingers)--the requisition is gone--just like that.
Bill coordinated with the Training Support Center on Fort Irwin and our CSSAMO.
The CSSAMO provides a single point of support for STAMIS hardware, software, communication devices, local area networks, and wide area networks and manages assigned wireless and satellite equipment.
As CW2 Angel Montero, a CSSAMO technician for the 3ID, said at the time: "We (he and Flynn) tag-teamed this whole thing.
The CSSAMO focused on developing ways to improve connectivity by essentially creating a "methods menu" for users to follow when transferring STAMIS data.