CSSAMOCombat Service Support Automation Management Office
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When the 615th Aviation Support Battalion deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-11, SASMO was still known as CSSAMO. Its ability to provide quality automation support for the brigade's sustainment personnel was hindered for several reasons, which were primarily related to the lack of personnel to support split-based operations and new logistics automation systems.
* Have a STAMIS Gunnery performed by your losing CSSAMO, during which the hardware and software are checked for functionality.
The lack of direct control of the NetOps and 251N by the BDE S6 reverberated in the timeliness and responsiveness of the Signal Company and the CSSAMO. These challenges included the management of communication assets as the NetOps, Signal company, and CSSAMO sections took orders from various bosses.
However, the mixture of these two networks, coupled with the unstable communications conditions in theater and lack of basic network knowledge by combat service support automation management officers (CSSAMOs) and users, resulted in several communications challenges throughout our deployment.
This was achieved by using CAISIs providing a wireless local area network connection to either the S6 NIPR network or a CSSAMO supported CSS VSAT.
The Army is institutionalizing this support in the CSSAMO. In future logistics unit TOEs, a SAAS-MOD support structure will be added to the basic CSSAMO capability of logistics automation support.
The CSSAMO either must conduct the necessary testing himself to verify that the patches do not hinder the proper operation of the STAMIS application or allow the software to go unpatched.
Cain said CSS VSAT/ CAISI gives the CSSAMO staff the capability of "more real-time reaction," such as allowing them to remotely correct ghost record deficiencies, while CWO1 Dextin Cobbs said, "with CAISI, you hit a button and (she snapped her fingers)--the requisition is gone--just like that." Cobbs said she is also impressed with the ePop software tool loaded onto the system, which includes features such as instant messaging, voice conferencing, application sharing, and help desk remote control, allowing the CSSAMO to centrally manage groups, security policy, features, and message routing across the brigade's entire enterprise.
* Confirmation of next meeting Legend AO = Area of operations AOAP = Army Oil Analysis Program BCT = Brigade combat team BN = Battalion CHS = Combat health support Commo = Communications CSS = Combat service support CSSAMO = CSS automation management office LOGSTAT = Logistics status MEDEVAC = Medical evacuation NMC = Not mission capable ORIL = Overaged reparable item list PLL = Prescribed load list SB = Support battalion SPO = Support operations officer SSA = Supply support activity TF = Task force TSC = Theater sustainment command XO = Executive officer
Army Materiel Command Logistics Assistance Office; LTC Ernest Reschke, the chief of the NTC's LAO; and Douglas Woodard, the CSSAMO for Fort Irwin.
As CW2 Angel Montero, a CSSAMO technician for the 3ID, said at the time: "We (he and Flynn) tag-teamed this whole thing.