CSSCSCombat Service Support Control System (Army)
CSSCSCombat Supply Support Control System
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Applying lessons learned from CSSCS and the LCOP process that was used in OIF, BCS3 provides commanders a current view of the battlefield coupled with a logistics picture of unit and supply-point status and in-transit visibility.
The revised composition of the team included two field engineers, two PM TOC personnel, two FBCB2 engineers, PM TRCS, CECOM, PM Platforms, AFATDS, ASAS and CSSCS engineers; these personnel were split between the brigade TOC and the BSB.
CSSCS integration ended once 3d ID upgraded to a version that allowed a Netscape browser to pull information off of the combat service sSupport control system.
CSSCS ran in stand-alone mode, however users could access it through Netscape with the addition of a thin-client.
At first glance, the visibility of CSSCS appears adequate; however, relying on 1 1/2-hour-old data on the battlefield could be dangerous.