CSSCSCombat Service Support Control System (Army)
CSSCSCombat Supply Support Control System
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Launched in October 2014, with a home base in Plainville, MA, CSSCS is engineered to provide financial professionals with the expertise needed to help the Boomer generation plot the course to a better retirement.
While the original program was piloted in the independent advisor community, CSSCS has now opened up its educational doors to a wider universe of advisors, legal, CPAs, estate planners, tax advisors and Human Resources professionals.
Applying lessons learned from CSSCS and the LCOP process that was used in OIF, BCS3 provides commanders a current view of the battlefield coupled with a logistics picture of unit and supply-point status and in-transit visibility.
The revised composition of the team included two field engineers, two PM TOC personnel, two FBCB2 engineers, PM TRCS, CECOM, PM Platforms, AFATDS, ASAS and CSSCS engineers; these personnel were split between the brigade TOC and the BSB.
CSSCS integration ended once 3d ID upgraded to a version that allowed a Netscape browser to pull information off of the combat service sSupport control system.
CSSCS ran in stand-alone mode, however users could access it through Netscape with the addition of a thin-client.
At first glance, the visibility of CSSCS appears adequate; however, relying on 1 1/2-hour-old data on the battlefield could be dangerous.