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CSSDCentral School of Speech and Drama (University of London, UK)
CSSDCentral Sterile Supply Department
CSSDCourt Support Services Division (Connecticut)
CSSDCanadian Society for Social Development
CSSDCertified Specialist in Sports Dietetics
CSSDCombat Service Support Detachment (USMC)
CSSDCombat Service Support Detachment
CSSDCentral Sterile Services Department
CSSDCalgary Roman Catholic Separate School District
CSSDCentral States Schools for the Deaf
CSSDCoordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
CSSDChinese Society for Sustainable Development
CSSDCentral Square School District (New York)
CSSDCanadians for Safe and Sober Driving
CSSDCeská Strana Sociálnì Demokratická (Czech Social Democratic Party)
CSSDCombat Service Support Division (US Army)
CSSDComputer Services and Systems Division
CSSDComputer Supported Spiritual Development
CSSDComputer Supported Simulations Division
CSSDComputer Systems Solutions Design (Norwood, CO)
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By the total number of candidates elected, the Social Democratic and the Communist Party were the most successful: CSSD won 205 mandates and KSCM won 182 mandates (they had their candidates in all regions).
A day in the shoes of a deployed expeditionary CSSD member is always unpredictable but exciting at the same time.
Golightly offering relationship education classes to our non-custodial parents as a strategy to decrease parenting disengagement, increase co-parenting skills, increase economic stability and improve child support compliance, we were eager to collaborate," said Kimberly Britt, special assistant overseeing CSSD Fatherhood initiatives.
In Section 3, the proposed CSSD algorithm is explained in detail.
CSSD also creates a process that should be followed as shale plays continue to emerge throughout the nation.
I understand that the National Decontamination Programme highlighted that improvements needed to be made to bring our CSSD up to standard, so it was decided to remove the CSSD and move it to another hospital site nearby.
Part of the proceeds will be used to procure equipment for the for the renovation at the Port of Spain General Hospital and the upgrading of the CSSD at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex and the Port of Spain General Hospital.
Our political risk team believes that there are roughly equal chances of the current Civic Democratic Party-led (ODS) government managing to hold on to its position into 2009 and the CSSD taking the reins after a no-confidence vote.
Brooke Schantz, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, LUHS, said that establishing a healthy eating pattern and weight is a good first step for women who are looking to conceive.
This product helps ensure quality control for the CSSD by close visual inspection of reprocessed instruments.