CSSDCAConference on Security, Stability, Development and Cooperation in Africa
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Organisation of African Unity, CSSDCA, Solemn Declaration, AHF/Decl.
49) The CSSDCA, on the other hand, is concerned with more than conflict or potential conflict situations in that it consists of four calabashes -- security, stability, development and co-operation (though the latter two are usually treated as one, that is co-operation on and for development) -- and aims to foster and promote the objectives of attaining security stability and development on the continent, recognising an explicit link between conflict prevention and management (the Conflict Mechanism) and the CSSDCA process.
The extent to which the organisation's Conflict Mechanism and the CSSDCA, as well as sub-regional efforts at preventive diplomacy and peacebuilding (for example in Burundi and the DRC) succeed over the next two to three years, will indicate whether there are signs that the continent is moving towards a more mature form of security community.