CSSDSCounter Strike Source Dedicated Server
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Hospital CSSDs and Infection Control Departments play a critical role in improving or preserving the hospital reputation by helping to reduce the incidences of HAIs.
By minimizing workflow interruptions and automating processes, we help CSSD technicians keep up with evolving hospital demands.
The Center for Sterilization Service Department (CSSD) in each hospital manages the procurement, inventory and distribution of medical supplies.
CSSD staffers are the only type of resources involved in the simulation model.
When data needed in the simulation model were not readily available, we used the best estimates provided by CSSD staff familiar with the process of medical supply distribution.
We verified the architecture of the simulation model with CSSD staff members before the simulation runs and showed the simulation results to the staff after the simulation runs to ensure that the simulation results are reliable.
Subsequently, the NAVCENT N4 organization, led by CAPT Gus Gostel, and with the hard work of Senior Chief Steelworker Terry Clary of CSSD 1, arranged for and moved the material and equipment located at the PREPO site by a U.S.