CSSGCombat Service Support Group (USMC)
CSSGCreative Services Support Group (India)
CSSGCommunications Software Solutions Group (Tekelec)
CSSGCultural Studies Study Group (website)
CSSGComplex Systems and Simulations Group (Massey University, New Zealand)
CSSGCompetition Strategy Steering Group
CSSGCentrum Szkolenia Strazy Granicznej (Polish: Border Guard Training Center)
CSSGCollege Supreme Student Government
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This is part of Creative Services Support Group's (CSSG) second initiative of 2015 focused on women empowerment - the Hospitality Training Project (HTP) - to provide underprivileged young women the chance for a meaningful career in the Hospitality sector.
Over the last three years, CSSG has curated a series of high profile charity fund raising events bringing together the best talented Michelin Chefs in the world.
The three Chinese firm's court filing read: "If such a conspiracy existed, CSSG, Wuhan and AHI were not a part of it," noting that even if the schematics from the Detroit firm "contained Liebherr trade secrets", the firms could not be liable if they "did not have the requisite knowledge at the time."
The Air Senior National Representatives (ASNR) forum has a combat support subgroup (CSSG) charged with providing an implementation plan and roadmap to improve combat support related interoperability between RAAF and USAF.
We recently acquired two targeted anti-cancer agents with unique mechanism of actions: VDQ-001, or sodium stibogluconate CSSG") and VDQ-002, triciribine phosphate ("TCN-P").
The Community School Support Group (CSSG) is also angry that the education authority recently scrapped plans to shut Mayals Primary School in favour of a Welsh-medium school.
A letter from the CSSG claims, 'Mayals had the backing of lawyers, solicitors, bankers, etc, and yet again the decision was overturned.
SCHECKLER, MD; MARK LINZER, MD; AND JEFF DOUGLAS, PHD; FOR THE CAREER SATISFACTION STUDY GROUP (CSSG) Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Madison, Wisconsin; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Hearts were freeze clamped 10 min into reperfusion for biochemical analysis of PKB/Akt, threonine and serine residues, caspase-3 and poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP), glutathione (GSH), glutathione disulfide (CSSG) and GSH/GSSG ratio as shown in Fig.