CSSKCombat Service Support Kandak (Afghanistan)
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Sahni emphasized that the CSSK is unique in that it has a hugely reduced risk of bleeding during the treatment, which makes it a distinctively improved drug compared to several currently employed thrombolytic drugs where the risk of bleeding exists to varying degrees.
A recent report in the international journal,Nature Biotechnology (2012, Volume 30-10, 903) pointed highlighted: If CSSK is approved, it could be India s answer to more expensive thrombolytic agents such as tPA .
Earlier, in July 2006, CSIR-IMTECH had licensed CSSK to Nostrum Pharmaceuticals of the USfor clinical development through its Indian subsidiary,Symmetrix Biotech Pvt.
Development of a cGMP process to produce CSSK batches for preclinical and clinical trials
Achievement of a successful proof of concept of efficacy of CSSK in primates (cynomolgus monkeys)
We also helped the CSSKs physically move parts from excessive piles onto marked shelves.
After arriving at a forward operating base, the WTT partnered with logistics security forces assistance team members to resource materiel requirements and identify specific training requirements for the CSSKs. The WTT's main teaching themes were class IX management, bin label concepts, and class IX management practices.