CSSMContent Standard for Spatial Metadata
CSSMCritical State Soil Mechanics (engineering framework)
CSSMConstruction Site Safety Master
CSSMCommon Security Services Manager
CSSMCanadian Sunday School Mission
CSSMCenter for Survey Statistics and Methodology (Iowa State University, Ames, IA)
CSSMChildren's Special Service Mission (now Scripture Union; UK)
CSSMCertified in Security Supervision and Management (professional certification)
CSSMChildren's Surf and Sand Mission (religious program)
CSSMCloud Scene Simulation Model
CSSMCentre for Security Sector Management (Cranfield University; UK)
CSSMCertified Self Storage Manager
CSSMCentre for Statistics and Stochastic Modelling
CSSMComputer Security Site Manager
CSSMChild Survival and Safe Motherhood Program (India)
CSSMCleveland School of Science and Medicine (Ohio)
CSSMCritical Safety Systems Manual
CSSMCactus & Succulent Society of Massachusetts
CSSMCentral Security Service Manual (US NSA)
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(3) CoEPP and Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter (CSSM), University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia
Not only did he have the fundamentalist orthodoxy and anti-modernism that the congregation desired, but his commitment to evangelism and work with the CSSM made him a perfect choice to help spread the reach of the small church.
According to CSSM classification, <2499 g are LBW newborns and >2500 g are normal birth weight newborns.
Moreover, CSSM also rooted the basic theoretical framework of soil liquefaction, yet most available findings within the current literature were outside this critical state context.
This programme integrated the CSSM programme with other reproductive and child health services; in addition, a new component for management of Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) was also incorporated.
(UIP), Child Survival and Safe Motherhood (CSSM) and Pulse Polio took
The CSSM obtained randomly selected residence telephone numbers from each of the metropolitan areas and contacted these numbers to find eligible participants.
Reviewer: Jim Ellis, CPP, PSP, CSSM (Certified in Security Supervision and Management), is the physical security planner for the Principal Financial Group, based in Des Moines, Iowa.
Two circuli spacing indices were extracted from the postsmolt zone, the mean spacing between intercirculi 2 through 6--an interval which was interpreted as the growth index for the early marine period (CSFM, circuli spacing during first marine period)--and the mean intercirculi spacing of the next five pairs occurring later in the postsmolt growth--an interval interpreted as an index of summer growth (CSSM, circuli spacing during summer marine period).
A major initiative was provided by the Christian Students' Social Movement (CSSM), which began looking for evidence of 'occult powers' in public life.
To assist Finance Battalion commanders in validating the level of military pay support they provided to retail customers, LTC Christensen developed and implemented the Customer Service Support Matrix (CSSM).
Santamaria, News-Weekly and the Catholic Social Studies Movement (CSSM).