CSSMMCenter for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military (University of California, Santa Barbara)
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106) Further, we stated that we proactively sought further data to confirm these figures, noting that "the CSSMM has submitted a second FOIA request to determine the specific language expertise of the discharged linguists, and to determine whether all of those discharged from the DLI were linguists.
The web site states: "The Berkley-based [sic] CSSMM presents itself as an objective source, but it is actually an activist group that relentlessly pushes for homosexuals in the military," and continues by claiming that "The CSSMM has offered honoraria to individuals who write papers or schedule college campus events promoting that cause, and routinely releases contrived 'studies,' based on faux data, to promote their doctrinaire agenda.
511) The CSSMM argued that a more accurate estimate of the costs of
It's a battle for ideas, and while Belkin's CSSMM offers $350 grants to faculty who are willing to promote the homosexual agenda in their syllabi, (21) Parameters is willing to do it for free.