CSSOContractor Special Security Officer
CSSOChief State School Officer
CSSOChief Student Services Officer (California community colleges)
CSSOClotted Symmetric Sexual Organ (Japanese band)
CSSOComputer System Security Officer
CSSOCustomer Service, Sales & Operations
CSSOComputer Special Security Officer
CSSOCommunications-Computer Systems Security Officer
CSSOCLIC (Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood) Sargent Symphony Orchestra (UK)
CSSOChild Safety Support Officer (Australia)
CSSOCompliance Sampling and Support Organization
CSSOCombat Service Support for Operations
CSSOCantorial School Student Organization (Jewish Theological Seminary)
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Lastly, the results of the angle of the anterior surface of the sagittal section (CMSO, CSSO, and MSSO) may contribute to preparation of plates with a flat head.
Si bien Aldunate incluso propuso la creacion de una Sociedad Nacional de Explotacion de Salitres para la administracion del recurso, su iniciativa no fue considerada en el debate del Senado (CSSO 23, 1/8/1888:239).
SabreSonic CSSO advanced technology platform will allow the airline to cultivate its opportunities to interline and codeshare with other airlines, including its other Sky Team alliance partners.
"It's as much a networking event as it is a fund-raiser and last year CSSO attracted over 70 leading business executives and raised over pounds 25,000.
The position of chief state school officer (CSSO), responsible for overseeing the general education policies of the state and for directing professional staff within the state, is discussed, as well as the role of the state board of education, the rule-making body that establishes standards and procedures for both students and educators within the state.
"As a result of these difficulties the Government, acting on advice from the Chief State Solicitors Office (CSSO), require security in the amount of pounds 20m to protect the upfront funding of tax payers money in the event that the development of Lansdowne Road as a stadium did not proceed.
Standard Two provides support for a culture leading to high expectations for students and staff professional development (CSSO, 1996).
In terms of public education, this internal coalition consists of the chief state school officer (CSSO) and associates, local superintendents, teachers, and others.
Especially for distributed architecture, such as CSSO, there is a significant reduction.
Various MDO techniques, such as, Collaborative Optimization (CO) [1], Analytical Target Cascading (ATC) [2], Concurrent Subspace Optimization (CSSO) [3], Bi-Level Integrated System Synthesis (BLISS) [4] etc.
The multistage optimization framework consists of concurrent subspace optimization (CSSO), cooptimization (CO), and bilevel integrated (Bliss).