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CSSRCenter for Social Science Research (various locations)
CSSRCollapsed Structure Search and Rescue (various locations)
CSSRCertified Social Sourcing Recruiter (Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies certification)
CSSRChild Support Scheme Reforms (Australia)
CSSRCouncil of Societies for the Study of Religion
CSSRCanadian Society for the Study of Religion
CSSRCost/Schedule Status Report
CSSRCenter for Secondary School Redesign (est. 2005; Warwick, RI)
CSSRCommon Submarine Radio Room
CSSRCommunications System Segment Replacement
CSSRCouncil with Social Services Responsibilities (UK)
CSSRCall Setup Success Rate (telecommunications)
CSSRColor Small Screen Rendering (Opera browser)
CSSRCollective for Social Science Research
CSSRContainment Spray System, Post Accident Recirculation Phase
CSSRConservative Site-Specific Recombination (genetics)
CSSRCall Setup Success Ratio
CSSRCzecho-Slovak Socialist Republic
CSSRCustomer Service and Sales Representative
CSSRRedemptorists Fathers (religious order)
CSSRContractor System Status Review
CSSRContractor Statement of Support Requirements
CSSRCost/Schedule Status Review/Report/ing
CSSRConsolidated Stock Status Report
CSSRChemical Shift Saturation Recovery (biological imaging)
CSSRContract Cost and Schedule Status Report (NSA)
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Dr Ayesha Khan, Director at the Collective for Social Science Research (CSSR) presented a piece of research titled 'Women in Politics: Gaining Ground for Progressive Outcomes in Pakistan' which focused on the impact of increasing women's political participation.
Haris Gazdar, Pakistan's lead researcher for Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) and director of CSSR, reported findings from the Women's Work in Agriculture and Nutrition Survey 2015-16.
Jozef de Vocht, CSSR. Father Achiel Delaere (1868-1939): The First Eastern Rite Redemptorist and Canada's Ukrainian Catholic Church.
The Islamic Reporting Initiative and the Social Stock Exchange have formed a strategic partnership to work towards compatibility in terms of reporting on Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CSSR).
Many sentences make no sense at all, for instance: 'As in the CSSR Republic Slovakia and the Czech Republic forced industrialisation on the model of the Soviet Union led to an increase in freight transport' (p.
A interacao nitrogenio-potassio foi significativa a (p<0,05), pelo teste F, para os teores de N e K na parte aerea, NC, MSC e CSSR. O SCC foi influenciado pela aplicacao de doses de N e K, individualmente, enquanto a MSSR nao sofreu efeito da adicao de ambos os nutrientes (Tabela 1).
The Embassy reported that Team Canada had completely restored Canada to a position of honour and respect in the international hockey community and in Czechoslovakia, which Canada had evidently lost in 1977 in Vienna: "Future team Canadas will be received with enthusiasm in CSSR [Czechoslovak Socialist Republic]." (62)
In general, the group's key source markets have been the GCC and Saudi Arabia with interest growing from the CSSR, and the Asian markets (particularly China and Korea).
Tenora, "Discovery of a tapeworm Ctenotaenia marmotae/ Frolich, 1802/Railliet 1893 in CSSR," Foolia Zoologica, vol.
Living on AIDS Treatment: A Socio-Economic Profile of Africans Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, CSSR Working Paper No.71.
Zrustek, V.: 1973, Prognosis of the uranium deposits CSSR region No 22--Zd'ar Moldanubicum, Geological structure and uranium distribution in Zd'ar-Strazek Moldanubicum.
To everyone who attended the funeral and visited family home to express condolences, to Father Gabriel Maguire, CSSR Erdington Abbey for his help and support, also the celebration of Holy Mass.