CSSSCentre de Santé et de Services Sociaux (French: Center for Health and Social Services; Canada)
CSSSCentre for Studies in Social Sciences (India)
CSSSComputer Science Students' Society
CSSSCouncil of State Science Supervisors
CSSSComprehensive Student Support System (various locations)
CSSSCanadian Society of Soil Science
CSSSConstellation Space Suit System (NASA)
CSSSComputing Science Student Society (Simon Fraser University; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
CSSSComplex Systems Summer School
CSSSCenter for the Study of Sport in Society
CSSSCommunity Support Skill Standards
CSSSComputer Systems Support Specialist
CSSSCrash Severity Sensing System
CSSSClaim Services Support Supervisor (insurance)
CSSSComposite Social Security Scheme (India)
CSSSCommodore Stockton Skills School (Stockton, CA)
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The researchers for this study found these factors, described below, to be salient for survey construction and analysis of participants' responses in the CSSS Phase I.
According to an official statement, these promotions include higher level positions like Director (122), Deputy Secretary (340) and Under Secretary (300) in Central Secretariat Service (CSS) and Senior Principal Private Secretary (Senior PPS) (approx 300), PPS (680) in Central Secretariat Stenographer Service (CSSS) and Section Officers (SO) and Private Secretary (PS) and PA at lower level in these two key service of Central government.
In this paper, after a short introduction on seismic isolation and on the main features of the curved surface sliders, the behavior of buildings seismically isolated by means of single CSSs is analysed.
Besides, [30] cannot be efficiently extended to multiple users and CSSs setting because bilinear pairing operations in verification equations of all users and CSSs cannot be totally combined together.
In total, since 2007, NASA has spent almost $200 million on three spacesuit development efforts -$135.6 million on CSSS, $51.6 million on the Advanced Space Suit Project, and $12 million on OCSS ($12 million).
The nosologic category of CSSs is recent, and the list of disorders is in progress.
In the diagram, CSSs were related to each other in pairs in order to be prioritized according to their relevance.
Dans le deuxieme article, Papazian-Zohrabian, Rousseau, Roy, Arauz et Laurin-Lamothe s'interessent a la sante mentale a l'ecole sous l'angle d'une formation-accompagnement offerte aux enseignants, aux equipes-ecole et a leurs partenaires des Centres de sante et des services sociaux (CSSS).
Ram Puniyani of the Center for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS) has dpme am excellent job recently in compiling various essays on Dr.
Study on website search engine optimization, in International Conference on Computer Science & Service System (CSSS), 11-13 August 2012, Nanjing, 930-933.