CSTARCCyber Security Tracking, Analysis and Response Center
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The division will have three sections: one will identify cyber security risks to the government and coordinate with the private sector on how to minimize them; another will oversee the Cyber Security Tracking, Analysis, and Response Center (CSTARC), which will respond to Internet events, track vulnerabilities, and coordinate with federal, state, and local governments, the private sector, and international security groups; the third will create cyber security education programs.
The third unit will oversee a "Cyber Security Tracking, Analysis, & Response Center" (CSTARC), tasked with spotting and tracking attacks and vulnerabilities and coordinating incident response.
(7) The NCSD oversees a Cyber Security Tracking, Analysis and Response Center (CSTARC) which is tasked with conducting analysis of cyberspace threats and vulnerabilities, issuing alerts and warnings for cyber threats, improving information sharing, responding to major cyber security incidents, and aiding in national-level recovery efforts.