CSTC-ACombined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan
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Additionally, CSTC-A strategists are asked to label requirements as mandatory, critical, or non-critical, based on importance to the operation's overall strategy.
The NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A) Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan (CSTC-A) mission is to provide training and develop doctrine for the Afghan National Army (ANA).
The ANA military justice system is operated and led by Afghans but places a strong emphasis on partnering with CSTC-A advisors.
* Shift the responsibility and authority for execution of all police training from the Department of State's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement to CSTC-A to enhance unity of effort in police development
To streamline management of ANP training, its contractual responsibility is scheduled to transfer from INL to CSTC-A as early as March 31, 2010.
It is an effort that has cost the United States, the biggest trainer of security forces, about 18.7 million dollars since 2005, according to figures provided by CSTC-A.
Major Tonya Hightower, CSTC-A Garrison Commander, and Sergeant Juan Gonzalez-Martinez, a close friend of Sergeant Gonzalez, also delivered remarks during the ceremony.
GAO estimates USASAC and CSTC-A did not maintain complete records for about 87,000, or 36 percent, of the 242,000 U.S.-procured weapons shipped to Afghanistan.
On 26 September 2007, the CSTC-A honored Master Sergeant Sabalu by dedicating the Sabalu House in his honor.
The security assistance office in CSTC-A's C J-4 logistics section worked behind the scenes to get new equipment fielded.
The AUCMJ was drafted by CSTC-A JAs and was largely based on the UCMJ.
The PPBE OPD would become the springboard for a larger scale venue involving the CSTC-A senior leadership and the directors of all the offices of primary responsibility (OPR) assigned to Resolute Support.