CSTCACombined Security Transition Command Afghanistan
CSTCACanadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association
CSTCACity Solicitors and Town Counsel Association
CSTCAComsoft Short Term Conflict Alert
CSTCACool Spring Terrace Civic Association
CSTCACurso Superior de Tecnologia em Controle Ambiental
CSTCACentre de Suivi et de Conseil des Traitements Anticoagulant
CsTCAcesium trichloroacetate
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However, CSTCA is in the process of being integrated into a partnership with the new NATO Training Mission--Afghanistan (NTM-A).
LCDR Fernando Lorente from Navy Education and Training Command to CSTCA, Afghanistan, Item Manager
The GAO study said that there are significant shortages in about 40% of equipment items, although CSTCA envisions that all ANA brigades are equipped to 85% of requirements as of the end of 2008.