CSTECCanadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress (Labour Union)
CSTECChina Science and Technology Exchange Center (Ministry of Science and Technology; China)
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Qamar pledged support to all training and development initiatives offered by CSTEC under the BRI and CPEC projects.
Raheel Qamar some reports of CSTEC and books authored by him.
The USWA was on record as opposing free trade with the US, but such issues, along with those that touched on collective bargaining, were not part of CSTEC's mandate.
Some 200 labour and management representatives were in attendance at the CSTEC National Conference on the "Crisis In The Steel Industry" this past May, 1991, in Ottawa.
By the time of the CSTEC conference, an industry report on the fate of Algoma outlined plans to trim the 6,000 plus workforce by at least half, and to permanent moth-ball central components of the firm's finishing divisions.
Thus USWA Local 2251 representatives at the conference added their voices to demands that funding for the CSTEC adjustment program be continued beyond the March 1992 endpoint.
Now Local 1005, which had dropped out of CSTEC in 1989 because of doubt about its benefits to working people, was present to make a plea for its share of the adjustment money.
Their solution came in the form of a resolution formulated by CSTEC's executive board and presented to, but not voted upon by, the assembled delegates, calling for negotiations with the U.S.