CSTEMSCombat System Track and Evaluation Management System
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To find a model to predict DLLBH using only variables that can be measured by LIDAR or would be known from stand records, we restricted the variables to include only the various height measurements, CSTEMS count, site index, and whether the stand had been fertilized.
Althouth PSTEMS in Model B was a better predictor than CSTEMS in Model C, PSTEMS was not allowed in Model C because LIDAR would be able to count only the CSTEMS, not the count when precommercial thinning occurred in the past.
2001) 30-y site index calculated from plot data closest to age 20 y (m) PSTEMS Trees per hectare present after establishment respacing on each plot CSTEMS Trees per hectare present at the time of DLLBH measurement PRD Curtis' relative density (1982) at establishment after respacing each plot; plot basal area, [m.