CSTERCentre for Science and Technology Education Research (New Zealand)
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fech] * Total outstanding shares (issued) 6 Return on ROE Net Income/ Equity Net Equity (ROE) 7 Turnover-- TURN_QS Quantity of Quantity Securities Traded/ of Total outstanding Securities shares (issued) 8 Turnover-- TURN_QBUS Quantity of business Quantity carried out/Total of Business outstanding shares (issued) 9 Volume VOL In (Volume of Business in R$) 10 Spread SPREAD [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 11 Accounting SIZE ln (Total Assets) Size 12 Cost of Debt CSTER Financial Expenses/ Total ST Loans+Total LT Loans 13 Net Margin NETMAR Net Income/Net Revenue (Sales) 14 Asset TURN Net Revenue (Sales) Turnover /Total Assets 15 Self-funding SELFF Net Income+ Depreciation- Dividends Paid Total Assets 16 Dividend DP DPS/IPS Payout 17 Dividend DY DPS/[Price.